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In order to assist you in the process of writing a memorial to honor your loved one.  We have compiled a list of suggestions and ideas for you to consider as you work through the process.  You absolutely do not have to include all (or any) of these suggestions.  This is only to provide some food for thought should you require assistance in getting started.

  • What were the major events and accomplishments that stand out from your loved one’s life?
  • Share the background of your loved one.  When and where was  he/she born? Was there an interesting birth story?
  • Who were the important people in your loved ones life? Why were they important?  What did these people mean to your loved one and vice versa? What did he/she mean to you?
  • When you think of the deceased, are there certain stories that come to mind?  Try to summarize your favorite(s).
  • What were some of his/her favorites? Food? Movies? Books? Music? Restaurants? Websites? Activities? Sports teams? Games? Toys? Quotes? Hobbies? Charities?
  • Speak with other friends and family to see if there are ideas you may not know or remember.
  • Don’t forget to include photos if available.

Try not to get too caught up in making it “perfect”, just write from your heart and share what comes to mind.  If you are struggling with the idea of preparing a memorial for your loved one.  Please visit our Services page for information on how we can help.

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